Happy Easter from the NEW PATIO

It's as lovely as it sounds.

Howdy ho, yard fans. I am thrilled to report that:

  • It’s Easter.

  • Our raised beds are full of freshly delivered soil-compost mix and seedlings.

  • We have a patio.

  • We’re up to at LEAST 42 species (more like 46 if you count a few I encountered but didn’t photo-document in the past few days.) I think you can see them all >>here<< even if you don’t have an iNaturalist account. Latest arrivals: American goldfinches.

  • We celebrated Easter by ordering BBQ takeout, learned that the closest BBQ joint to our house allegedly doesn’t put garlic or onion in hardly anything (notably, it’s not in their rubs or sauces, which is unheard of), and I have a very happy tummy right now.

  • Our next-door neighbor brought us hot arepas and banana bread this morning while we were working in the yard, and they were incredible.

On deck:

  • There’s still a LOT of soil to move from the driveway to the back yard. At least now we have a place to put it.

  • Plant the rest of the annuals we started from seed.

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I’m reading:

It’s a secret, I’ll tell you next week. (Seriously!)

We’re watching:

Wandavision on Netflix. SO GOOD!! I am lucky I got to watch it without ever seeing any trailers or hearing any spoilers, so I will barely tell you what it’s about for your maximum enjoyment. I can tell you that the main characters are Wanda Maximoff and Vision from the Avengers. And that the first episode is in black and white and a obvious Dick Van Dyke Show ripoff. Why? You’ll have to watch to find out.

I’m writing:

  • Scientists can implant false memories — and reverse them (for Inverse)

    This new study is totally crazy. I knew false memories were a thing, but I didn’t realize psychologists could experimentally implant them in people. Well they can, and the latest development is (thankfully) that they can reverse them, too.

  • The Science of Migraines (for Discover)

    This was fascinating. For some reason I was under the impression that migraines were the “chronic fatigue syndrome” of headaches, like, no explanation, no good treatments. I was very, very wrong. A lot is known about them, and there’s been a lot of new developments in the past decade or so. If you have migraines but haven’t asked your doctor about them in 10+ years, maybe bring it up again.

  • Self-healing “Xenobots” mean a future with living machines (for Inverse)

    I AM OBSESSED with this study, and this research team, and all of it in general. Most interviews I do are like “can you explain your methods to me again” and this one was like “what does it mean to be a machine” … wild. This one redefined how I think about evolution, and how I think about consciousness. Seriously.

OK prairie people, I’ve got a hot date with my husband for a virtual Easter service. Please let me know if you 1. Did anything fun and Easter-y and/or 2. Have done any major landscaping lately 😊.

I’ll leave you with a question of the day: If you dye Easter eggs, what do you do with them after? I can’t seem to remember. Are they just fancy hard boiled eggs to snack on?

Take care please,



P.S. Sorry in advance for this, watch to the end: