🌻 World, meet Samson

11 weeks and all teeth.

Hi there! How are we?

The Funk House just a little floofier last week. I am very pleased to introduce: Samson.

Samson loves chewing on me, chasing Andy around the yard, untying my slippers when I walk by, being told he’s a good boy, and sleeping in his crate. He is not fond of coffee grinders, walking through doorways, or barred owls caterwauling in the night.

I promise this won’t become a Samson-only newsletter. Maybe.

In other news,

  • The end of dog sitting Molly (for my parents) went very well. Too well. We started browsing rescue pups about 24 hours after Molly went home.

  • Bunnies are annihilating our crops. Most (but not all) of the prairie plants are doing OK, but our raised veggie beds are going to need to be replanted. SIGH.

  • Two of our very best friends came to visit from Chicago!!! Vaccinated friends!!! *happy dance*

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Next up is lots of dog training and figuring out some bunny prevention.  

Funkyard species count: 100!!! (84 logged). New arrivals: Orioles and catbirds and a yellow-rumped warbler and a never-before-seen(-by-me) Lincoln’s sparrow!

I’m reading this article about how work stinks and yet we like to play games that feel like work.

We’re playing DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. After a short hiatus in one group, and a long hiatus in another, we played twice this week and it was lovely.

We’re listening to One Direction, against our will. We don’t hate it.

Buy Me a Coffee

This week I wrote about your boss and the neurological basis of psychopathy (for Discover), and how author Jeff VanderMeer teamed up with a biologist to create realistic species for his latest book — and the role of (real) science in fiction (for Smithsonian). This last one has been a long long time coming and I’m very excited about it, check it out! And then go read Hummingbird Salamander, which I very much enjoyed.

OK team, that’s all for today. Have a great week!
Take care please,


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