🌻 Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day. Samson really wants to play.

Hi there! It has been a rainy, rainy week. Luckily we still had a really nice time with our friends who came to visit, and have been able to maintain minimal puppy cabin fever. Not much new in the yard except MUSHROOMS.

Andy and I came up with some names for this before we knew what it was, and weren’t that far off. We thought it looked like crab meat, but phallic. Turns out it’s probably devil’s stinkhorn, Phallus rubicundus. The genus is literally “phallus.”

Meanwhile we had to keep the pupperdoodle occupied indoors. His favorite toy by far is the broom.

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Next up we’ll probably need to replant all the hot peppers that the bunnies ate. *sob*

Funkyard species count: 109 (94 logged). New arrivals: Bats!! And a nighthawk!!

I didn’t read a single thing this week, which was pretty nice. #Vacation

We’re watching A Knight’s Tale (2001). Oh Heath Ledger! This movie holds up, and is hilarious. American Gods (season 1 – 2017). Wow, this show is bonkers. We watched the 1 free episode on STARZ and had to start a free trial so we could keep going. (Skip if you’re not into HBO-levels of nudity.)

We’re still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. In fact, as soon as I hit “send” on this newsletter, Andy and I will be traversing the galaxy for the first time after getting our ship back from the scoundrel who stole it.

We’re listening to Some Nights by fun. (2012). A favorite album that Andy and I just discovered we have in common.

We’re drinking the best cocktail of my entire life at The Monarch in downtown Kansas City. (God bless friends who drag us out on the town. #Vaccinated) It was called the “Antisocial Butterfly” — vodka, pisco, white tea peach kombucha, salt-cured egg yolk (!!), and something called “white sangria redux” (??). It tasted kind of like a mango lassi but EVEN BETTER.

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This week I wrote about a friend of a friend who has a rare genetic condition that makes her ultra-cancer-prone. She just received her third cancer diagnosis at 46.

OK team, that’s all for today. Have a great week!
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