🌻 July garden tour

A quickie for your Sunday evening.


Lately we’ve had the great joy of hosting not one but two out-of-state besties, attending a USA soccer game right in our own town, watching two very good friends get married on Zoom, and launching a new campaign of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (it’s like D&D, but Star Wars). Besides that, we’re mostly just work work working. I’m tired; this will be a quickie.

Here’s a look at July in the Funkyard.

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Funkyard species count: 173. (Click here to peruse all the Funkyard’s species on iNaturalist!)

New arrivals:

Boy do I need a better camera.

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We’re watching season 2, episode 1 of House of Cards. I’m not sure I can go on, it’s gone from clever and intense to mean and intense. Rogue One and Solo. Also THE OLYMPICS.

We’re eating Buffalo Wild Wings. We ordered wings in every sauce we’d never tried before and ate them during the Opening Ceremonies Friday night. They were all at least fine (jammin’ jalapeno, Nashville hot) if not good (teriyaki, orange chicken); some were great (smoky adobo, Thai curry).

OK team, that’s all for today. Have a great week!
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