This is war.

It’s taken me a few weeks to really, truly come to terms with it, but I’m finally ready to admit it.

Bunnies ate all our plants. OK fine, not all, but many — and most that weren’t eaten are acting like maybe they were hit hard by frost (despite our blanketing). Whatever the reason, nothing we’ve planted this year is doing well, and a lot of what we’ve planted this year is totally gone.

Mother Nature, 1. Funks, 0.

Two problems we’ve been facing lately. One is incessant rain. Two is plants getting decimated. Notice how these two closer beds look empty? EMPTY???

Our prairie plants and especially our veggies had been getting nibbled for a while, but we kept thinking they’d bounce back. But the past week or so, I’d been seeing photos of other Missourians’ gardens, and although I try not to compare myself to others on social medial… it became clear how truly behind our plants were. Like 10000% behind.

Samson’s giant stompy paws haven’t helped. But we’re pretty sure rabbits are the main culprit.

My in-laws are in town, and they have been very sympathetic to our plight. They blessed us with a carload of replacement veggie plants, and then we invested A Few Dollars More for bunny-proof fencing.

Our wild blue phlox, Phlox divaricata. When we planted it, it was a little bigger than this and blooming. After we dead-headed it after it bloomed, it turned brown and shrunk.

If you’re following along for real garden advice, I’ll tell you: Replacement tomatoes (5), hot peppers (9), peas (6), corn (12), lavender, strawberries, cilantro, thyme, melon, cucumber, pumpkin, eggplant (3) cost a little over $100 at Home Depot. Then for 350 feet (7 rolls) of wire fencing, 42 3ft U-posts, and 140 zip ties, we paid something like $400. Certainly a big investment, but worth it to protect everything else we’ve done so far.

Based on that price for the veggies, I’m second-guessing whether it was even worth it to start them from seed at home. So much effort, so little payoff, to save $100?


New (replacement) corn. To be fair, I think squirrels and/or birds dug up the corn seeds and ate them, not bunnies. (I have seen both of them do it.) I didn’t even know you could by corn seedlings at the store!

I am feeling downright rejuvenated having the fencing up and so many of the lost plants replaced. It had really being weighing on me, feeling, admittedly, like the garden was a total bust. Onward!!!

Other updates:

  • Huge Samson is huge. 13 weeks, 31.8 lbs. We started out really strong with crate training, but then found out that if we let him sleep in our bed, he doesn’t wake up and whine at 1am, and he sleeps in an extra hour (till 6:30am)! So that’s a tricky tradeoff. We like sleep.

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Next up we’ll start reorganizing the back corner of the yard to make room for the next round of prairie plants: The tall ones!

Funkyard species count: 115 (99 logged). New arrivals: A couple weird mushrooms that sprouted on the straw bales the previous owners left by our shed.

We’re watching Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! on Amazon Prime. Starring HUGH JACKMAN. It’s a recording of a stage performance in London, not a movie, and the faux old-timey American accents are horrendous and delightful. Inspired, of course, by the hit tune (which I didn’t know): Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.

We’re eating bacon herb gravy on pork loin. I don’t have a recipe or anything, it’s just delicious.

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OK team, that’s all for today. Have a great week!
Take care please,


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