🌻 A perfectly parent-planted prairie place

Feels like progress.


Great news!

We have finished the donut!

Dun dun dun daaa:

It was a lot of work, but my parents are in town and helped Andy and I a lot.

Other updates:

  • It snowed. A lot — 3.5 inches. The National Weather Service said the snowfall last Monday night was the biggest snowfall KC had had all winter (previous high was 2.2” on 1/1). It was also the largest snow on record this late in the spring. It was also completely melted by 4:00pm.

  • We hit up Bloom Fest at the Powell Botanical Gardens this weekend. Definitely a nice spot, and a bummer it’s an hour away. They have an epic woodland garden with a stream meandering through, unlike any garden I’ve ever seen.

  • I know what tree I need. And it’s a pawpaw. I need to locate one for sale, stat.

  • We’re dog sitting this week. Will we love it or will we hate it? Will we be closer to, or farther from, getting a dog when you next hear from me? Tune in next week to find out!

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Next up we just have to make some room in three smaller beds so we can move the last of the soil out of our driveway and into its forever homes.

Funkyard species count: 71 (57 logged). New arrivals: Cedar Waxwings and what I think was a Northern Parula warbler (based on song more than looks, but, you tell me?) [EDIT: Looks like a ruby-crowned kinglet, which I momentarily forgot excited. It was REALLY singing a parula-esque tune, ascending with a little chikachikaboomboom at the end, but certainly within the kinglet's very wide range.]

We’re watching Sherlock Holmes (2009). Robert Downey Junior is a good Sherlock, but he’s a better Tony Stark. (We watched Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock fairly recently, which I assume may be impossible to beat.) And if you’ve been wondering, yes, Seventh Son (2014) on Netflix is worth it.

We’re eating chocolate covered coconut cashews from Costco. In fact we’re losing our minds over them. I Googled them so I could link for you, and there are articles about them with headlines like Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Chocolate Coconut Covered Cashews and they are not hyperbole.

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This week I wrote about how humans have been shaping nature for 12,000 years, and maybe conservation and restoration should include traditional stewardship. Happy Earth day!

Also some things I’ve edited have surfaced: Some of my last edited Discover stories are out in the May 2021 issue. In Green Thumbs, Green Hearts, Nancy Averett tells us about an ambitious project in Louisville that’s testing whether planting trees can heal heart disease. In Ebb and Flow, John Richard Saylor tells the story of the North American playa. Come for the “genre of wetland you’ve never heard of,” stay for the “thing that’s sustaining all of our agriculture by recharging the Ogallala Aquifer.” In What Is Time?, Jonathon Keats ponders how we define time, and whether that means we can redefine it however we want. In Marmot School, Jimmy Thomson tells the very cute story of some very cute endangered marmots who are teaching marmots how to marmot. And last but certainly not least, Jenn Walter gives us her picks for spring science reads.

OK team, that’s all for today. Have a great week!
Take care please,


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